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Yacht marinas

You have travelled to Vlissingen with your own sailing ship or motorboat? Then you have a choice between no fewer than 2 marinas. 

  1. First there is the Schelde Marina [Jachthaven], situated at Binnenhaven. You can berth there every day after first contacting the harbourmaster, telephone (0118) 46 59 12 / 41 23 48. The Schelde Marina is located about 2 kilometres from the city centre.
  2. There is also in the city centre what was once the fishermen’s harbour [Visserhaven] and that has now been fitted out as yacht marina.
    The harbourmaster of Michiel de Ruyterhaven can provide you with all the information you need on berths and fees. Telephone (0118) 41 44 98, e-mail