Night-out info

A night out has a strong personal tint. For one person it is an evening at the theatre, for the other a good restaurant. For a 3rd person it may be a visit to his favourite bars.
To start with the last, there are plenty of them in Vlissingen. Vlissingen is after all a student town. It would be impossible to list all of them here. Besides, it's more fun to discover them yourself! You will find the largest concentration of bars and pubs in the area Bellamypark/Nieuwendijk and surroundings. 


There are also in the same area a fair number of restaurants, as there are on the esplanade. Clearly you can eat excellent seafood everywhere in Vlissingen, Catch-fresh, because fresh fish are landed in the port of Vlissingen and sold immediately. The restaurants in Vlissingen represent a broad range of cuisines. From classic Dutch to French, Greek, Argentinean, Italian, Chinese … you name it. 

Theater and concerts

Vlissingen has a number of theatre and concert venues.

  • Youth Centre De Piek (Hellebardierstraat 13) has a monthly music programme with local, national and international bands and DJs;
  • Concerts of classical music are held regularly in the Medieval St. Jacobskerk (Oude Markt 2);
  • On a smaller scale there is the music platform Razzmatazz for folk, roots and worldmusic (Middelburgsestraat 113, Oost-Souburg).


Finally, it would be wrong not to mention the Cine City cinema. This cinema complex (Spuikomweg 1)  contains 7 auditoriums with over 1,200 comfortable easy chairs, surround sound and high-quality image. And most important of all: always the most recent films. In the autumn moreover the international festival 'Film by the Sea' is held here.