The town hall of Vlissingen is located at Paul Krugerstraat 1.

The mayor

The mayor is appointed by the Crown. The appointment is on the recommendation of the Crown Commissioner and by nomination of the Minister of Home Affairs. The period of office of a mayor is 6 years.

The municipal council

The council governs the municipality. It sets out the broad details of policy. In Vlissingen the municipal council has 27 members. These council members or councillors are elected at the municipal council elections that are held every four years.
The municipal council meets on the last Thursday of every month at 19.30 hour in the town hall. The mayor is chair of the municipal council. The meetings of the municipal council are open to the public and you will be very welcome in the public gallery. There is in every council meeting a half hour reserved for citizens to speak. Each speaker is allotted a maximum of five minutes. You may register as speaker with the clerk of the municipal council at the latest at 12.00 hour on the day of the meeting.

Postal address

The postal address of the municipal council is:

  • Municipal Council of Vlissingen, P.O. Box 3000, 4380 GV Vlissingen. 

Visitors’ address 

  • Stadhuis, Paul Krugerstraat 1;
  • Clerk of the Council: Mrs. F. Vermeulen;
  • Telephone: +31 14 0118;
  • E-mail: