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Logo van Gemeente Vlissingen

HZ University of Applied Science

HZ in Vlissingen is one of the best college of the Netherlands. Over 4,800 students take practical courses. Every year, hundreds of private persons and companies take a course or begin studies at this college in Vlissingen as well.
The HZ offers education in various forms and at various levels:

  • HBO Bachelor; 
  • Post-HBO;
  • Associate degree;
  • Pre-university education trajectory;
  • Adult education.

Student- and Process-Oriented

Education at HZ is challenging and has an international character. At this college students are encouraged to make the most of their talents. The education at HZ is provided at seven academies, including 3 specialised academies. The academies are organized around a particular profile:

  1. Delta Academy focuses on delta technology and combines education in the areas of water, land and life in the delta;
  2. The De Ruyter Academy bundles education in the fields of logistics, energy, shipping and maintenance;Scaldis Academy specializes in the area of Coastal Business: tourism, sports, wellness and international coastal trade; 
  3. The focus of the 4 remaining academies is directed at local embeddedness and influx. They focus on Economy & Management, Education & Educational Theory, Technology & Innovation and Care & Wellbeing.