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Student Accommodation

Vlissingen has a wide range of student accommodations. Flats or rooms, semi-furnished/furnished or to be fully furnished by oneself. Most students live in or near the city centre with all facilities within easy reach and the beach always nearby! You can choose from student apartments or rooms in student homes. 

Accommodation agencies

For finding a suitable room we refer you to the below list of student accommodation agencies. These organisations offer accommodation in accordance with statutory requirements and municipal housing regulations.

L'escaut Woonservice

Housing association L'escaut offers a wide range in student rooms in different parts of town. You can decide on a flat, but you can also share a student home with fellow students.


Accommodation Portal Vlissingen

The accommodation agency Accommodation Portal Vlissingen (APV) offers a range of hundreds of rooms and studios in Vlissingen. Their supply ranges from low rent to high rent categories, from smaller to larger rooms and from unfurnished to furnished.