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After College

With its 44,500 or so residents, Vlissingen is a relatively 'small' town. But for a small town it has much to offer. A seaport town like Vlissingen is always bustling and vibrant. This is enhanced by its proximity to the sea and the many annual events and festivals.  


Vlissingen boasts a wide range of living environments. As a town by the sea, the beach and the boulevards are always nearby. Whether measured from the small-town centre, from a green residential area on the edge of town, or from village-like environments like Oost-Souburg and Ritthem. And Zeeland’s vast green countryside is just around the corner! The homes are cheap and spacious compared to those in the Randstad. Homes are currently available in all price ranges. Furthermore, a range of (new-build) projects in various living environments are being developed.


For opportunities for recent graduates, job seekers and business people who like to work in Vlissingen and its surroundings check out the Employment and running a business section.