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Just as every self-respecting tourist resort, Vlissingen has all the usual large and small attractions: from canoe pool, children’s farm and miniature golf course to cinema complex, theatre and swimming pool. We would like to draw your attention in particular to 3 exceptional facilities.

Maritime muZEEum

In a group of buildings from the 16th, 17th and 21st century that have been linked together by modern architecture in a spectacular fashion, the rich maritime heritage of Vlissingen is revived. In the 2 historical warehouses of the muZEEum, alternating exhibitions are devoted to a variety of maritime topics.


  • Nieuwendijk 11, 4381 BV Vlissingen;
  • Telephone (0118) 41 24 98;
  • E-mail:

Maritime special interist centre Het Arsenaal

Het Arsenaal is one of the major maritime family attractions of the Netherlands. You enter an enchanted, adventurous world with lots to see and experience for young and old.
You will find a fleet review of famous ocean steamers, a shipwreck simulator, an eerie pirate lair and a parrot island. In the sea aquarium 'Underwater World' there are sharks to admire and the public is allowed to stroke the sea rays. There is a splendid view of the city and the Westerschelde from the 64-metre high observation tower. If you like, you can round off your maritime adventure with a visit to restaurant ’t Vooronder.


  • Arsenaalplein 1, 4381 BL Vlissingen;
  • Telephone (0118) 41 54 00;
  • Fax (0118) 41 14 63;
  • E-mail:

Reptile zoo Iguana

At the spot where during the 80-year war the town hall with its dual function as court of law once stood, you will now find reptile zoo Iguana.
Divided over 3 large buildings and around a subtropical conservatory 500 live reptiles, amphibians and insects from throughout the entire world can be admired. Safely behind glass. In the 'maternity department' there are rows of incubators in which eggs are hatched and young animals nurtured. A large number of the newly born iguanas, lizards and tortoises later relocate to other zoos throughout the entire world.


  • Bellamypark 35, 4381 CH Vlissingen;
  • Telephone (0118) 41 72 19;
  • Fax (0118) 41 05 69;
  • E-mail: